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Event Details

Starting Date: 20 November

Duration: 2 Months

Location: Athens

The Think Lab organized for the sixth consecutive year the international e- learning courses  with the Thinker Alexis Karpouzos. The courses will involve students from London, Berlin, Dublin, New York, Chicago, and Athens. Webcourses registration is open to all and free.

All courses can watch either live by participating, either in audio/video on demand at any time that suits you.  Additional readings, videos, podcasts, powerpoints, lectures and images will be provided on our website or emailed to you. We will send out a weekly email to all participants.  Live Discussions will be held online on weekends, to help you to participate at a convenient time. Asynchronous Discussions will be available to those who cannot join in live. All web conferencing platforms benefit if you have have a good headset (Skype and google hangout style), and a good connection

THOUGHT, CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE NATURE OF COSMOSC is a session, online, on-demand program. In this course, the philosopher Alexis Karpouzos explore consciousness, science, and the ultimate nature of  Cosmos. This course probes the role that consciousness plays in our perception and understanding of the universe.

Join us and dig deep into the topics of quantum mechanics, existence, and infinite potential!

                Who Am I? What Is Reality?

This course challenges you to think differently about who you are and how you interpret the world. It is ideal for anyone interested in:

  • Ontology,  Epistemology, Modern science, physics, cosmology, scientific paradigm shifts, and similar topics
  • The role that consciousness plays in our understanding and experience of the universe and physical reality
  • The overlap between modern science and consciousness
  • A deep, fascinating exploration of the nature of existence

Expand the Boundaries of Your Mind

The Awakening Of The Cosmic consiousness

This course is centered around the research interests and thoughts of the philosopher Alexis Karpouzos.The topics focus on the role that consciousness plays in our experience of the universe.

           You will explore these thought-provoking questions…

  • What is the universe ultimately made of?
  • What is time?
  • Is there a reality outside our own consciousness?
  • Is materialism an outdated philosophy?
  • Is the universe as a projection of consciousness?
  • How come existence?

                   And dive into these powerful themes…

  • The implications of quantum mechanics
  • The “hard problem” of consciousness in science
  • The Participatory Universe and the significance of consciousness
  • The Mental Universe
  • Beyond the Phenomenon – The noumenon
  • Cosmic censorship and veiled non-locality
  • The “superstition of materialism”
  • The power of soul in the present moment

             Your Consciousness Companion

This course has been designed to allow people with various backgrounds and interest levels to benefit from this material. You will be educated, inspired, and intrigued as you gain a whole new way of understanding the physical universe. Plus, as a special feature, participants will have the opportunity to submit questions about the course material to Alexis Karpouzos. A few of the best questions will be answered and made available to everyone.

Come stand on the leading edge of modern thought and explore what the universe is “really” made of.

Course features:

In-depth articles

Additional videos

Instructive learning

On-demand, self-paced format

Ability to submit questions

Powerful themed discussions

2- month access to the course


For more information and participation email us

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